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Application form for: Main Summer School 2013

Personal Details

Name: lisa lisa
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 30 1954
Nationality: US citizen
Nationality (if 'other'):
Place of birth (as shown on your passport):
Country of birth:
Passport number:
Passport Expiration Date: 09/2018
Father's full name:
Father's email:
Mother's full name:
Mother's email:
Guardian's full name:
Guardian's email:

Your Home Address

Address line 1: lisa
Address line 2:
City: lisa
State: lisa
Zip code: lisa
Telephone: 324234234

Your Details at College

Address line 1: lisa
Address line 2:
City: lisa
State: lisa
Zip code: lisa
Telephone number: 324234234
College or University (current): Hobart and William Smith College
College or University (if 'other'):
Graduation Year: 2017
Academic Major(s): lisa
Cumulative GPA: above 3.0

Course Choices

Core course choice (first preference):
Core course choice (second preference):
Seminar Course (first preference):
Seminar Course (second preference):

Additional Information: How Can You Get the Most from Your ISO 9001:2008 Certification?

A lot of individuals believe that the ISO 9001 certification is merely an exercise which compiles documents to show an he auditor in order to acquire the certification. This is a popular misconception. Those individuals who have worked with ISO for a number of years remember earlier versions of the ISO standard which needed excessive documents with little focus on real outcome. This is the reason why a lot of business owners and managers believe that this was not helpful to their business and that this was simply a part of the operating cost.

More recent revisions of the standard have restructured the requirements to concentrate more on improving business processes and have less focus on putting documents in place for the benefit of an auditor. Shareholders, employees, clients and even top management of certified companies see the positive effect of their achievements. This new "Process Approach" is a sensible way to align improvement efforts throughout the business with actual business and customer needs.

Our consultants have helped a lot of companies achieve ISO 9001 certification ever since 2000 and have implemented three basic rules to obtain great outcome from the investment. They are the following:

It is a mistake for a business to make implementation of ISO for the initial time really complicated. This results in procedures nobody looks at, records nobody needs, training which doesn't affect the job. Because people who implement the system do not really know what auditors look for, they take the "better safe than sorry" approach. Other than adding to the current ISO certification cost, this would also not add any value to the business.

That is the reason why focus should be more on those specifically needed by both the business and the standard and less on the documents.

Staying focused on improving the procedures of the company is the second guideline as this can also improve performance for both the business and the client. it is important to implement everything to support the needs of the clients and according to the company's operations. ISO 9001 for Small Companies The ISO standard utilizes general language and companies can tailor their QMS to particularly meet their needs and comply with the certification's intention.

Your business must benefit from the outcome of working with a specific requirement which is aligned with your management approach.

For the third guideline, make certain that your reason for implementing something is not merely to show it to the auditor. If you have no other reason to implement something but to show the auditor then it is important to apply rules one and two. While you certainly have to develop a system which meets the ISO requirements, each requirement is flexible to be implemented in a way to suit your business - and to add measurable value to it. Make certain that your ISO procedures and documents are simple enough to add value to your business. Your auditor would surely be pleased if you do so.

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